Do you want to be well prepared for a safe trip? Then take a look at the frequently asked questions below.
If your question is still not answered, please contact us.


Can I hire a boat at Randstad Recreaties?

Yes, we are open April to October from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm. We have 4 boats per location, so book in time to avoid disappointment. Reservations can be made preferably via the reservation system on our website. Then we immediately have all the information we need for the rental agreement.

Have the boats been cleaned before departure?

Our boats are cleaned before every departure.

How many people are allowed on a boat?

The sloops of Randstad Recreaties are spacious, but because of the legal CE standards and your safety we maintain that you can sail with a maximum of 6/7 persons. The total weight including luggage may not exceed 500 kg and must be evenly distributed in the sloop.

Can I take my dog on board your boats?

Yes, your dog can come on board!
You are then required to add the Dog Package worth € 15.00 to your booking.

The dog package consists of:
– A drinking bowl (on loan)
– A towel (loaned)
– A life jacket (on loan)
– A bottle of fresh water
– A dog snack
– Final cleaning.

Do I need a boat licence?

No, a boat licence is not required. Anyone over 21 years of age may rent our boats.

Are there life jackets on board?

Although our boats are very stable and have a deep cockpit, it is of course safer for the children to wear a life jacket. There are enough life jackets available at the locations for children and adults. You can specify how many life jackets you would like to rent via the reservation system. 

Are there any sailing routes on board?

On board you will find a sailing map with sailing routes and information about the sights you pass. You can also download the free app ‘sloepennetwerk’. With this app, you will always know where you are. Take your sailing time into account if you are sailing a route with bridges that need to be opened for passage. These bridges are indicated on the sailing map and it is described how to act on the spot to have the bridge lifted. 


How do I make a reservation at Randstad Recreaties?

It is very simple. You determine via the reservation system on our site which day and time slot you want to sail. This is even possible until minutes before departure. You then pay online with, for example, IDEAL or one of the other payment methods. You will then receive a booking confirmation by e-mail and, two days before departure, a reminder with all the important information. On arrival at the location you will receive a short instruction and on your return you will make sure the boat is back in its berth before the end of the rental period. It is that simple!

How much deposit do I have to pay and when do I get it back?

No boating experience is required to hire a sloop. You will be given clear instructions before you step into the boat. And if you do not understand something, we will simply explain it again. The deposit for our boats is € 100.00. This is also your own risk in case of damage. If you damage the boat or SUP board during the trip, always report this to us. Be honest about this, because it benefits everyone. In case of no damage, you will get the deposit back immediately in cash after the trip.

What is the minimum rental period?

For our boats in Delft and The Hague, we use time slots of 2 hours. This is sufficient time to explore these cities from the water. But of course you can also book 2 or 3 time slots. For Delft and Westland we use time slots of 4 hours. This is enough time to sail one of the 3 routes. Please note that any bridges that need to be opened in order to sail through must be taken into account. These are mentioned on the sailing charts!

Why do I have to pay the security deposit in cash?

The answer is very simple. You don’t have to pay the deposit at the time of booking and we don’t have to refund the deposit afterwards. Saves a lot of administrative hassle. So you pay the deposit on the day you go sailing and get the deposit back in cash after sailing, if no damage has been done. If you really cannot pay the deposit in cash, it is also possible to pay the deposit through a payment request.


What are the rates for renting boats?

Location Delft & The Hague:
Rental in time blocks of 2 hours, Tuesday to Sunday € 89,- per time block

Location Rijswijk:
Renting in time blocks of 4 hours, Tuesday to Sunday from € 139,- per time block

You can pay via iDEAL or Credit Card. If you prefer to pay in cash, please use the contact form on the ‘CONTACT’ page of the website.

What options can I book when renting a boat?

Dog package (€15,00). Mandatory if your dog comes on board! The dog package consists of a drinking bowl, towel and life jacket on loan. And a bottle of fresh water, dog snack and the final cleaning.

Life jackets (€ 2.50): There are sufficient life jackets available at the locations for children and adults. You can specify how many life jackets you would like to rent via the reservation system.

Boat decoration (€ 15):
Do you have something to celebrate or do you want to surprise someone? We can decorate the boat with balloons.

Bottle of chilled cava, Brut or Rosé  (€15):
Do you have something to celebrate or do you want to surprise someone? Then book a delicious bottle of chilled cava including 4 plastic glasses.

Can I bring my own food and drink on board?

You may bring your own food and drink on board. But at the end of the trip, make sure you return the boat neatly. If the boat is not returned in a reasonably clean condition after sailing, we will charge €10,- cleaning costs which we will deduct from the deposit.


How does Randstad Recreaties deal with cancellations or changing/moving the reservation?

Of course, it is always possible that something happens which makes it impossible for you to make the booking. We understand this and will gladly work with you to have your sailing take place on another date and time block.

Upon receipt of your reservation, we will make the necessary preparations, such as the deployment of personnel and equipment and the administration to include your reservation in our planning. After all, we want to avoid double bookings. If you cancel or change/relocate your sailing, this will result in extra work for us. That is why we charge a cancellation fee. These are to cover the costs of the preparations and administration, but we keep them as low as possible.

What are the cancellation fees?

Cancellations must always be made in writing, via 

A booking can be changed up to 72 hours (3 days) before departure. For this we charge € 10 administration costs and the possible extra costs for the new chosen date.

If you cancel up to 24 hours before departure, we will charge 25% of the rental price. If you book the same day for a new date in the same sailing season, we will only charge 10% change fee.

If you cancel within 24 hours of departure or if you do not show up, we will charge you the full rental amount. After all, we have reserved a boat for you and may have had to sell ‘no’ boats to other guests who wanted to sail.

If a reserved vessel is not available at the agreed place 1 hour after the start of the reserved rental period and the lessee cannot offer a reasonable alternative, the lessee is entitled to reimbursement of the agreed rental sum.

What about my booking if bad weather is forecast?

In case of bad weather (in case of prolonged rain, strong wind and/or thunderstorms) Randstad Recreation retains the right to cancel reservations or to move them to another preferred date and time block. We cancel anyway from code orange (see also KNMI warnings).


What are the most important sailing rules?

Always keep to the right when sailing. Professional vessels (including canal boats) and ‘naturally’ propelled vessels (sailing boats, SUPs, surfers, canoes, etc.) always have right of way!

Do not play (loud) music and take the surroundings into account. On board you will find the information card ‘Sailing together’. It contains the most important rules for sailing. 

What should I do in strong winds?

If a stronger wind is predicted, please note that steering the boat and SUP board can be more difficult. As long as you stay in the city centre, the wind should not be a problem. Please pay attention that you don’t look for open water in strong winds!

What are the most important tips for steering our boats?

Driving a Randstad Recreaties sloop is easy!
For real helmsmanship, pay attention to the following points:

  • The sloop does not have a rudder, but steers on the engine, so always give it some gas when making a turn.
  • A sloop reacts less directly to the steering than, for example, a bicycle or car. Therefore, do not oversteer, because that will cause you to sway.
  • Braking on water takes longer (sometimes two boat lengths). So step off the gas in time and, if necessary, put the boat in reverse;
What to do in case of 'wet feet', e.g. due to rain?

Each boat has a hoossocks. This is located in one of the 2 luggage hatches in the bow of the boat.

What are the most important weather tips?

It can happen that the weather forecast suddenly changes. Up to 72 hours in advance you can easily change or cancel your reservation (see ‘Cancel and change/move’).

A little rain should not be a problem as long as you stay in town and do not seek out open water. Take shelter under a bridge, and then carry on. On board the boats are also some umbrellas in case it starts to rain during the trip.

Should a thunderstorm or severe weather conditions develop or be predicted shortly before your cruise, please give us a call. Then we can look for the best solution at that moment.

What should I do if the boat suddenly slows down/ gets restless?

You have probably passed through some water plants or a plastic bag. This can happen. Switch off the engine by removing the throttle ‘dead man’s switch’ and see if you can remove any plants and/or plastic from the propeller. Use the pick and/or the grab stick for this. If this is not possible or if the problem persists, call us immediately so that we can solve the problem quickly and safely together.

Locatie Then Hague: +31 (0) 6 42 82 61 00
Locatie Delft: +31 (0) 6 38 57 16 96
Locatie Delf- en Westland: +31 (0) 6 15 44 78 25


Addresses and directions to the locations, where can I find them?

All addresses and directions to our locations can be found in the menu bar under ‘locations’.

NB: As our locations are on the water, the addresses given are indicative of the location on the water. As soon as you arrive at the location, you will see the boats.

Are there easy steps for people with mobility problems at the sites?

Yes, our boarding points are wheelchair accessible.

Can I park nearby?

If possible, please use public transport or bicycle/scooter. If you are travelling by car, please check the location pages for parking possibilities. Plan enough travel time to avoid being late. If you do think you will be late, please contact us by telephone. Please note that the time you are late will in principle be deducted from your cruise time!

Is sailing in a Randstad Recreation boat difficult?

Sailing our sloop is not difficult. You have a steering wheel with which you determine the course. A boat does react slower than a bicycle or car. Moreover, braking takes longer. The most vulnerable part is the propeller. Therefore, be careful when reversing close to the shore.
NB: The sloop steers on the propeller, so always keep some ‘gas’ on it when you make a turn.

In any case, always look carefully forwards and backwards, take it easy, practice a little and get used to it and you will be fine. “Easy does it.

Very important, take no risks on the water and certainly not with commercial traffic. Those big boys find it difficult to manoeuvre and stop. So NEVER sail close to them and stay away from the propeller water, because the boat will become unmanageable.


What do I do in case of damage?

If you take the bends calmly and brake in time, the risk of damage is extremely small. Be extra careful when reversing close to the shore! The propeller is very fragile and easily damaged! The boats do not sail fast, so the chance of real damage is not great. If it does happen, and someone else may also be the cause, please contact us by telephone at all times.

Location The Hague: +31 (0) 6 38 57 18 07
Location Delft: +31 (0) 6 38 57 16 96
Location Delf- and Westland: +31 (0) 6 15 44 78 25

Always take a few photos of the situation and note down the details of the other party on the damage report which is on board. Also make a sketch of the situation and note what you think is the cause of the damage.

Can the batteries run out while sailing?

That chance is not great. The batteries on board are sufficient for a day’s sailing. The capacity of the batteries has been determined in such a way that they can be used for 8 hours.

It is reassuring to know that a safety system has been built in. When the batteries are empty, you can gradually sail less fast. So, from 100% capacity to 80% to 60% etc. So in principle, you will always return to the rental location, but do call if this happens.

What happens if I am back late?

If you expect to return later than the agreed end time, please contact us by telephone in any case. The extra costs are € 15.00 per 15 minutes and will be deducted from the deposit. If there is no next hirer waiting for you, it is not a problem. Call during sailing to ask if you can sail longer (call in time!). If possible, we will extend the rental with an extra block of time. But do us, yourself and the next hirer a favour and always return on time and be back at the rental location about five minutes before the end of the rental period.


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